My name is Helga Blanke. I'm a wife and a mother of two, grown-up meanwhile. I have done lots of creativity, from Crafts with threat & needle(s) to paper knitting art and drawing & painting with brushes and pencils. After all that I bought a camera in 2001 and taught myself to make photos. My main subject is, altered reality. Photoshop & art meanwhile are a big part of my daily routine. My art, is made with my own photos, with brushes and scans. My aim is to make unique photo-art and leave a signature in every artwork and that of course not only literally.
As an artist, I like to enter the world of flowers.  This colourful and so positive world appeals to me enormously.   Flowers spread a positive atmosphere because of the colors and the beautiful & diverse shapes and one can never get enough of that!   My floral creations are created with, among other things, the help of the camera, the computer and several photo editing programs. Besides the flowers I also make cityscapes, images with animals and still lifes, and of course these are also full of color.